Your support will help us initiate new activities under PTI noted below, and expand upon our on-going initiatives that are currently being conducted on a small scale.  Through your support tangible outcomes will be possible in promoting research, growth and training opportunities for our students, scientists and faculty, as highlighted below.

  1. To provide fellowships to promising, local-area undergraduate students who are US citizens to incentivize higher education and more advanced degrees in the STEM fields.  This will have a strong impact on the local community with one important reason for this being that the STEM fields are often higher paying compared to the non-STEM disciplines, as has been reported by numerous prior studies conducted through the National Academies and the US Department of Commerce.
  2. To recruit high-quality Ph.D. students that are at the heart of any Tier I research university and providing them with supplemental fellowships to incentivize these bright students to join UNT instead of a competing school and pursue research under PACCAR-affiliated faculty.  
  3. To provide support mechanisms and encouragement to continuing PACCAR-affiliated students who are conducting exceptional research through recognition awards.
  4. To provide seed grants to small teams of PACCAR-affiliated faculty to pursue research on important interdisciplinary areas that have a societal impact.   
  5. To provide research assistantships for highly promising in-coming students who are interested in joining a research group with the PACCAR affiliation and are co-advised by multiple PACCAR-affiliated faculty for promoting interdisciplinary, collaborative research.
  6. To provide support to young scientists at the postdoctoral-level that can further advance the caliber of research conducted under PTI at UNT.
  7. To support more outreach events and technical workshops that can have a local impact on the Denton community to enable future growth opportunities.
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Please contact PTI Director, Prof. Anupama Kaul ( and College of Engineering Senior Director of Development, Mr. Angus McColl  (, if you are interested in supporting and engaging with the PTI in any of the initiatives noted above, or discussing other avenues to work with the PTI.