About PACCAR Technology Institute

PACCAR Technology Institute is an interdisciplinary research unit of University of North Texas. PACCAR Institute is a unique, non-traditional center for research and educational excellence which works on a variety of research topics related to alternative energy and energy efficiency of buildings and industrial processes.  By involving academic researchers and industry experts from various physical and social sciences and engineering disicplines, the Institute engages in a quest for better solutions to the challenge of allowing communities and nations to grow and prosper in a sustainable way.

To realize this vision, PACCAR Institute combines technology, entrepreneurship and education for the benefit of student community. PACCAR Institute uses the tools of research to build a new platform for multidisciplinary technological advancements and in the process foster the capabilities of student community. We are helping communities locally and globally to ask better questions and get better answers about the complex problems they face. We believe this is the best way to support personal growth and establish an enduring relationship with community and industry.

At PACCAR Institute we:

  • Use research to make a positive impact on society.
  • Establish collaborative relationships with industry and community to broad audiences that makes research gratifying.
  • Educate the student community to conduct and use research to bring a positive change in the community.
  • Share results, models and information through conferences, workshops, publications and other public forums.
PACCAR Institute works on following emerging fields:

  • Whole building approach evaluation of energy efficiecy technology.
  • Optimal balance between the energy efficiency technology and human comforts.
  • Universally compariable criteria for user-oriented energy efficiency strategies